Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Building Supply Stores

Yesterday, I was off to a local building supply store. Keep in mind that prior to this month, I'd never been to one of those places by myself. I decided it was time to break out of my past mold and step forward. I had recently gone to the same store, but asked a friend to go with me. I'd borrowed a couple of samples, so now I needed to return them. I thought of calling my friend again, but then decided that I didn't need the support. So, I did it by myself. It wasn't bad at all. The salesmen were helpful and even took me seriously. They offered ideas I might like to consider, without being condescending. They offered to special order some flooring that I was interested in. I left there knowing I would soon return.

Last week, on the other hand, I went to Home Depot to pick up an small online order. I was amazed at all the sales people hanging around with nothing to do. As I came in the door, a friendly gal directed me to the Service Desk, where no one was ready to help me. After standing there in plain site of no less than 3 nearby Home Depot employees, I was a bit disappointed that none of them came to help me. I finally had to ask one of them for help. The only person, who appeared to be busy, was the gal on the phone in the back office. I guess it was her job to help me. It sure would have been nice, if one of the others had at least acknowledged my presence without me having to ask. The whole experience reminded me why I've never liked such stores. I'm so glad yesterday's experience was more pleasant!

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