Monday, March 4, 2013

I procrastinate

I had such good intentions, but I'm afraid I've neglected this blog. I want to do better.

I've never really been good at follow-through. It's a character flaw that I haven't overcome. I remember, even as a child, this was a problem for me. Well, maybe it wasn't a problem that got me into trouble. It was more of a problem of self-discipline that caused me to be disappointed in myself.

I was a Bluebird from age 6-8, I believe, and then a Camp Fire Girl. I remember that we had learned the Bluebird Wish:
To have fun.
To learn to make beautiful things.
To remember to finish what I begin.
To learn to keep my temper most of the time.
To go to interesting places.
To learn about trees, and flowers, and birds.
To make friends.

"...remember to finish what I begin." It was as much of a problem then, as now :-)