About Me

I am a widow. It seems like such an awkward identity! Nevertheless, it is mine, and the motivator for writing this blog. I became a widow one morning in October 2009--after 44 years of marriage and a year and a half of dating.

I had hoped, and even tried, to start writing about my journey at that time, but I found it too difficult to concentrate. I realized shortly after the funeral that I was entering a new normal, and life would always be different from what it had been. My concentration has improved immensely, but I am struggling, still, to get the words to come out right. Perhaps, even if they are coming haltingly to the page, they will touch your heart and help you in some way.

Of course, I have other identities. I am a Christian, mom, grandmother, daughter, sister, friend, and teacher--though retired. I live alone--sort of. One of my daughters and her children live in part of my house. We each have our own living space. As yet, I have no pets, since I prefer to be able to leave home and travel without concerning myself with the responsibility of a pet. I would like to have one--at some point in the future...maybe.

Most of my leisure time is spent reading, although I'm finally making an effort to do some re-decorating and home improvements. I enjoy cooking and I'm making an effort to put together a family cookbook. I also like to travel, tutor, study the Bible, and keep in touch with friends and family members. I used to do antiquing and collecting, but I'm currently trying to pare down and dispose of too much stuff!

I hope this blog will be a blessing and encouragement to me and to you.

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