Monday, December 31, 2012

Plans for the New Year

I've begun thinking about 2013 and my plans for the new years. I don't make resolutions, but I am a planner and list-maker.

I've been pondering about working harder this coming year, also. I've struggled over the past three years, since Don died. It's been hard to go forward with what needs to be done around my house and property. He was the maintenance/remodel person on our team of two. If something needed fixed, he was the fixer. I was the sustainer. While he was working on a project, I would bring him lemonade or hot coffee--depending on the season. I would fix a nice lunch with a favorite sandwich or soup. I would keep him going and he would get the job done. We had fun and the job got done!

I've been making more of an effort the last six months to work harder and try to fit myself into the mold of maintainer of my home. I've been stretching my mind to test the possibilities of what I might be able to accomplish on my own. I try to ask myself, "With God's help, what is within the range of my abilities?" The internet is such a huge resource, that I've found I can do much more that I would have been able to do a few years ago.

God always provides the help and support that I need. I'm leaning more and more upon Him. It's not easy, though, and I sometimes fall back into my "do nothing" mode.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012


I can't seem to get past it! So many days, I feel completely overwhelmed. I do so well--for a day or two--maybe even three! Then, it hits me again. I'm engulfed in a mudslide. At first, I just slip a little. Then, I really start to slide, and I feel as if I'm losing control. I can't gain any footing. I look around desperately. I say to myself, "It isn't really bad at all! It just seems that way for the moment. Get a grip!"

Whew! OK, I take a deep breath and let it out. Not exactly slowly. My breath sort of chugs out, and I shudder. I try to gain control. I can do this life. I know I can. I must. Concentrate on something you do have control over. Oh, yeah, I will go put a load of clothes from the washer into the dryer. I can do that...Things return to normal.

The holidays are hard for me, still, but not in the way I might expect. Yes, I do miss Don as much as ever, but that is a constant. The most difficult part is doing all that must be done by myself and without him. I am fortunate to have people who help me. For example, my son-in-law got down my artificial tree at Thanksgiving. It is impossible for me to get it down from the loft over the garage, so his thoughtfulness was much appreciated.

Putting the tree together had always been a joint effort for Don and me. I would fluff and he would attach. He put on the lights. I put on the ornaments. Alone, it took me a few days. I did enjoy it, but it was very time-consuming. Today, I am thinking ahead to the task of taking it all down. That will take another few days. It can be almost overwhelming, but not quite.

I think the problem for me is--all the "not quite" tasks put together. That's where it gets almost too much! Then, I must rely on the One, who is always with me, as I say to myself, "I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me."(Philippians 4:13)