Friday, August 31, 2012

Decision on Paving

Today, I met with Mark, a congenial representative from the paving company. He gave me an estimate on the paving that I hope to get done before winter. I have been lamenting through the 3 winters, since I've been a widow, the decision not to have done the paving before my husband died.

My driveways are a continual point of stress for me. The gravel causes problems for people, who pull onto my down-sloping drive--not when they pull in, but when they attempt to back out. Then, there are the weeds that come up through the gravel--a constant battle in the 3 seasons of growth. In the winter, when we have ice or snow, there are times the drives are totally impassable without 4-wheel drive, due to the hilly terrain. The biggest "stressor" comes from a drainage problem next to the front of the house, adjacent to the driveway. I was fearful that if I didn't go with a pricier, more commercial company that this problem wouldn't be solved. Although, a couple of friends recommended smaller, less expensive outfits, I was afraid to give them a try. I'm praying that I chose the right company to do business with.

It will take a chunk of money.

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